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Yalik's Kid Committee

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Yalik’s African-American Art & Cultural Movement (YAAACM) has been a constant presence in the High Point community since 2012. The evolution for YAAACM includes an fine art gallery, award winning documentaries, committee of historical preservation, growth and programming, as well as our recent community involvement with the African American Heritage Trail. YAAACM has been a cultural and historical leader in the community for more than a decade. 


It only makes sense that we would want to pass down YAAACM's historical legacy to the next generation. Yalik's Kid Committee (YKC) is the link to the next generation. YKC will have an active young Board of Directors, who will be the young ambassadors for YAAACM.

Yalik's Kid Committee (YKC) is making history! Not only are they one of the first mentored groups of young leaders with an eleven-year-old Vice-chair, but they are also learning history, making history, building history and inspiring their peers to be a part of this history.  YKC is organizing events that support their peers. They know all too well what it means to sometimes be emotionally disconnected. They bring their own stories to the table and then solicit the resources to help their fellow youth heal, cope and then soar.

YKC will engage in events that offer trauma and emotional support, as well as, hosting events which expose fellow youth to excellence, history, adventure, culture and activities which elevates their counterparts. This, is well-rounded leadership at its best. First, we reach out and then we reach up!


Ambassadors Roles & Responsibilities


  • Be brand ambassadors for YAAACM.

  • Adhere to organizational bylaws and attend Board meetings.

  • Assist with Historical Field trips for ages (10-18).

  • Engage in Culture & Art Expos.

  • Assist with fundraisers & Events.

  • Engage in discussions that affect today's youth.

  • Learn to facilitate Board meetings.

  • Mentor other youth on advanced leadership skills.

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